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The profession of Intermediate Manager in Promotions of Buildings was born as a demand of the social life, imposed by the need to have specialized professionals, who in the exercise of their own functions, contribute to the development and guarantee of the real estate sector, contributing their professionalism And technical knowledge. This, undoubtedly, would translate into a benefit and security for the represented.

The first normative glimpse of the profession, already appears in the Royal Decree 830/1981, of March 27, by which approves the instruction and new tariffs of the Fiscal License of Professional Activities and of Asturias (BOE of 13 of May) . This Royal Decree already recognizes, implicitly, the existence of professional Intermediary Managers in Building Promotions, with the number 159, within Group 15 dedicated to Managers in Public and Private Affairs, differentiating them in a clear way from other professionals for tax purposes.

It was from then on, when D. Antonio Reina together with a group of professionals, for the best defense of their respective interests and under the protection of Law 19/1977, of April 1, on Right of Association, decided to group and to create the Professional Association of Intermediate Managers in Construction Promotions.

This group of professionals, who were the germ of association, according to Section 3 of article 1 of the aforementioned Law on Trade Union Association, established their own Statutes, which, following their regulatory procedure of deposit and publication, Birth of the Professional Association in question, being authorized, in principle, for the territorial area of ​​the province of Malaga by the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Junta de Andalucía, dated 27 of August 1985.

Subsequently, and by agreement of the General Meeting of Associates, proceedings were initiated before the public authorities for the extension of the territorial scope of the Association at the national level. On June 13, 1986, the Depositary Service of Statutes, Minutes of Elections, Agreements and Collective Agreements of the General Subdirectorate of Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation (General Directorate of Labor) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security grant Legal personality and full capacity to act to the ASSOCIATION OF INTERMEDIARY MANAGERS IN BUILDING PROMOTIONS (GIPE). As of that date, and in accordance with the aforementioned Law on Trade Union Association, this Professional Association is governed with full autonomy and enjoys the legal protection to guarantee its independence with respect to the Public Administration, as well as against any act of interference of other Associations.


Today, the Professional Association of Intermediaries in Promotions of Buildings (GIPE) is an association of the most qualified professionals in the real estate field in the whole national territory.

GIPE members offer technical and commercial advice for the sale and purchase of real estate developments.

Its headquarters are in Malaga and its staff is constantly working to offer its members a wide variety of services. These services are of a training type, providing distance courses on the real estate sector; of informative type, sending bulletins, through its Web page and social networks; of legal type, with lawyers who offer legal advice. To this end, the last technological tools and the best professional services have been made available to the associates, interacting actively with all the partners and making them more participants in the Association, creating a climate of trust, professionalism and transparency. GIPE is the only real estate organization that maintains direct contact with foreign associations, it is also the only one integrated in the European Association of Real Estate Professionals, CEPI.

GIPE’s tasks not only focus on institutional support as part of the European Association of Real Estate Professionals, defending the rights of its partners in Spain and Europe, but also substantially reduce the costs of its associates by sharing resources that in many cases are Underutilized or redundant, as well as consolidate common strategies that allow to increase the income of all its partners while collaborating with the different networks of real estate associations that make up CEPI.

The current president Don Miguel Garrido has been working in the real estate world since 1976, a real estate developer with extensive experience in the European market, a founding member of GIPE representing him internationally as an advisor to the European Association of Real Estate Professionals, all this experience has allowed That Don Miguel Garrido was unanimously elected on May 16, 2012 as president of GIPE. Among its projects for the association are to consolidate GIPE as a state-of-the-art organization, giving the necessary support and support to real estate managers in Spain to carry out work in accordance with current market requirements, effectively integrating the association in Europe to enhance The Brand Image of Spain internationally. GIPE becomes the stable instrument of the Communicative Action Policies offering the products and real estate services of its associates.

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